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According to the provisions of Law n. 675 of December 31, 1996, Decree No. 196 June 30, 2003, as amended.

In this document the hotel is called "Hotel Terme San Lorenzo", "Hotel San Lorenzo", or more briefly "San Lorenzo".


The San Lorenzo is managed by Hotel San Lorenzo Srl, Via Rosario 1 80076 - Lacco Ameno (Na) - CF and P. IVA 00310410634 - Registration Office at the Registrar of Companies of Naples NA275947, N.REA 275947. Capital Spilled 120.000,00 euro SANLORENZOSPA@PEC.IT.


Information we collect:

On every occasion of contact or interaction with the host and in all other aspects of our work, we may collect personal information. This personal information may include: your contact information; information related to your booking; participation in a loyalty program and / or use of codes to access preferential rates; participate in contests or marketing programs; information about the purchase and receipt of products or services; personal characteristics, nationality, passport number and date and place of issue; History of the trips; payment information; guest preferences; preferences with respect to marketing and communication; vehicle information that you introduce in our properties; comments and opinions on our portfolio of brands or properties (if identified associated with you or to you); affiliate or partner frequent flyer programs in the field of transport and registration number; hotel packages, airplane and car booked; groups you associate for hotel stays; information needed to manage your reservations and your stay at the San Lorenzo, including details of the transaction and correspondence.
Cast reserved customers could request demographic data or other personal information.
Local laws may require the collection of additional personal information during registration / check-in at our hotel. At our properties we can also use CCTV cameras and other security measures that can display or record images of guests and visitors in public areas and information related to your location in our property by key card and other technologies.
Event profiles: If you plan to organize an event with us, we will adjust the specific event or meeting, the date, the number of guests, details on rooms for guests and, for corporate events, information on your organization (name, annual budget, number of sponsored events per year). We also collect information on the guests that are part of your group or event. If we do visit within a group, we can request your personal information to the group and we can send commercial information later to stay with a group or participation in an event. If we do visit as part of an event, we may share your personal information with the organizers of events so that they can put yourself in the event. If you are an organizer of events, we can also share information about your event with providers of third-party services that may send you information on services for commercial events.
Social media: If you choose to participate in tenders or social media activities sponsored by the St. Lawrence, we may collect certain information extracting them from your social media profiles, in line with your settings in the service of social media, such as location, check -in, activities, interests, photos, status updates and the list of friends. You'll have to agree to be bound by the terms, conditions and privacy policies of the social media site used. Remember that San Lorenzo is not responsible for your activities on social media sites.

Information we collect from third parties
Newsletter registration: registration is not mandatory. If you sign up you will receive information and promotional rates inherent in San Lorenzo di Forio (ed The San Lorenzo is located geographically at Lacco Ameno, from an administrative point of view being at the border between the two municipalities, belongs to Forio) .
You may also receive further benfits to stay at our hotel. Your email address will not be sold to third parties, without prejudice to the obligations of the Privacy Act no. 675 of 31 December 1996, DL 30 June 2003 n. 196 and subsequent amendments. For registration you can use the address at newsletter.
Using your personal information
We use your personal information to provide the services required at the San Lorenzo. We also use your personal information to communicate news about the program of events and meetings and to access specific information for administrative matters. In addition, we may use your information to: improve our services; provide the level of hospitality that you expect from us; to make sure our site, products and services offered are to your liking; process enrollments and applications; and facilitate the collections. We use the information to provide or even offer you newsletters, promotions and special offers, and other marketing communications, marketing communications to create awareness of products or services, to conduct surveys, or we could make contests, sweepstakes and other contests.
We provide these communications online, by mail, telephone, mobile / text messaging (including SMS and MMS) and traditional mail. We may also aggregate your personal information with data from third parties for the purpose of cleaning and analyzing data.
How we share your information:
Billing, the billing information will be shared with the provider of credit card and probably, if you use a company credit card, with your employer.

Group events or meetings: If you visit the San Lorenzo for an event or meeting, information collected for the planning of the event or meeting they may be shared with the organizers and, if appropriate, with guests who organize or participate in the event or meeting.

Business partners: We may occasionally work with other companies to provide products or services and share your information with our business partners to be able to offer such products or services. For example, we receive assistance from our trading partners for a rental car or other services and share with them your personal information to provide the services requested.

Co-sponsors of promotions: We may co-sponsor promotions, contests, prize draws, competitions or contests with other companies or provide prizes for competitions and contests sponsored by other companies. If you sign up for one of these sweepstakes or contests, we may share your information with co-sponsors or external sponsors.
Services available in the properties: We may share your personal information with service providers at the properties that offer concierge services, spa treatments, golf or dining experiences. Many of these activities have not yet been put in place, but we may decide to do so in the future.
Service Providers: We rely on service providers to offer guests some services and products, such as to facilitate administrative functions and information technology operations, billing by credit card.
The online booking service is delivered via the Vertical Booking software owned by AEC Advertising and Electronic Commerce LTD - Piazza Pontida, 7, 24122 Bergamo (Italy) CF and P. Iva 02657150161 | REA: BG-312569 | Capital € 100,000 i.v .; website.
In addition, the San Lorenzo can disclose personal information to: (i) comply with the law, (ii) respond to requests from governmental or public authorities, (iii) comply with a valid legal process, (iv) protect the rights, privacy, safety or property of Hotel San Lorenzo Srl, site visitors, guests, employees or the public, (v) allow us to implement the available remedies or limit the damages that we may sustain, (vi) enforce terms and conditions of our websites, and (vii) respond to an emergency.
More information
By visiting and interacting with this website, and third parties with whom the company has a contract for the provision of services may collect other information (for example, a catalog of the site pages visited and the number of visits to our sites). To gather this information we use cookies and other technologies (see our Cookie Policy).
We may also aggregate or anonymize personal information (for example, we may aggregate personal information to calculate the percentage of our users with a particular area code) or gather demographic information such as date of birth, sex and marital status.
Since the Other information does not identify you personally, this information may be disclosed for any purpose. In some cases, we can combine the information with other personal information. If we combine the personal information and other information, these data will be treated as personal information, as set out in this Statement.
The term "confidential information" means information on your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion or other beliefs, health, criminal background or trade union membership. Generally we do not collect sensitive information unless it is provided voluntarily by the user. We may use information you have provided on your health to serve you better and meet your particular needs.
Children's Personal Information
We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 18. The parent or legal guardian should not allow your child to enter personal information without their consent.
Links to websites of third parties
Our site may contain links to websites of third parties. We point out that the St. Lawrence is not responsible for the collection, use, management, sharing, or disclosure of data and information by such third parties.
Web sites of other third parties include the landing page of the high-speed Internet provider of our hotels, as well as social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) on which the St. Lawrence may have accounts or fan page where you can post information and materials.
We are currently developing our presence on the following socialmedia:
Facebook, Youtube, Instagram.
The map view of San Lorenzo is via Google My Business, already known as Google Places, and altrsì already known in the past as the Google Maps or other similar names.
Socialmedia others could be added in the future.
If you provide information on third-party sites, we will apply the privacy policy and terms of use of the service of those sites. We invite you to read the privacy statements of Web sites you visit before submitting personal information.
Protection of personal information
Hotel San Lorenzo Srl will take the appropriate measures to: (i) protect personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction, and (ii) ensure that personal information is accurate and up to date. We also try to invite affiliates and service providers with whom we share your personal information to commit to keep such information confidential. For online transactions, we use technology to adapt and protect the personal information submitted through our website. However, unfortunately, no security system or transmission of data on the Internet can be considered completely safe.
To protect your privacy, please do not enter sensitive personal information in e-mails you send us. We send the numbers of your credit card or any other personal information confidential email.
We do not contact you by phone, text message or email to ask your confidential personal information or data of your credit cards. We will ask sensitive personal information or data of your credit card by phone only during the booking of a stay or a promotional package by telephone. Should you receive this kind of request, please do not respond. Also, please notify us at
Change and access to your personal information
To the extent required by applicable law, you can request to be notified on the management on our part of your personal information and, where appropriate, request the updating, correction and / or suppression of the personal information we maintain in our active database. We will make all required updates and changes within the time specified by the relevant laws and, if permitted by law, we may charge a fee to cover the costs of response to the request. Such requests must be sent in writing to the following address: Hotel San Lorenzo Srl Via Rosario 1-80076 Lacco Ameno (Isola d'Ischia) (Na) Italy. To protect your confidentiality, we can only respond to such requests through the e-mail address with which you registered or you have provided. Please remember that if you make such a request, we may not be able to guarantee the same quality and variety of services to which you are accustomed.
Retention of personal information
We keep your personal information for the period of time necessary to fulfill the purposes set out in this Statement, unless required or permitted by applicable law a longer period of storage of information.
Choices: Marketing Communications
If you provide your contact information (mailing address, fax number, e-mail or telephone number), agreeing to receive promotions and / or advertising materials we provide you with information about our products or services or invite you to events by e mail, phone, cell phone, text messaging (including SMS and MMS) or email.
Otherwise your information will be used to handle your request for a possible booking, your booking, the administration and practice of your stay at the and related services.
If you use our code fidelity to access confidential rates, you will receive further communications from us, and you will receive from us e-mail to stay ragguagliarti subsequent activation of other special offers, or preferential rates in general. If you choose not to receive these emails, we can not keep changes in the code and the related access to preferential rates.
Please note that these rates are preferential tariffs visible on our booking system, Vertical Booking, through the use of an alphanumeric code that is inserted into the booking system at the moment you make the booking online.
If you prefer not to receive promotional materials by email from us, you can cancel at any time sending using the unsubscribe function in the email you receive from us, you can use the tool to delete this in our newsletter or write at Privacy Officer or at the website: Camillo Iacono.
Website and cookies
Our official website is exclusively at the web: The site is hosted by Pointel Communication SpA P.iva: 07428820638 - Via De Gasperi, 19-80074 Casamicciola Terme - Tel.
For online bookings we use the software owned by Vertical Booking AEC Advertising and Electronic Commerce LTD - Piazza Pontida, 7, 24122 Bergamo (Italy)
CF and P. Iva 02657150161 | REA: BG-312569 |.
For our mailing service use MailUp MailUp® Viale Francesco Restelli 1-20124 Milan, Italy - Tel + 39 02 71040485 - VAT 01279550196.
Hotel San Lorenzo Srl uses the following cookies:
Types of cookies:
Technical cookies: We use cookies technical for the normal functioning of the site
Cookie functional: when the present version of the site does not use cookies to customize the display and functional use of the site, we could do it in the future.
Analytical cookies: We use cookies to collect analytical data aggregated and anonymous about your visits to the website, the nationality, and the problems connected with the proper operation of the site.
Business cookies: We use cookies sometimes third parties for regular advertising, designed to display customized advertising on our web site or on other sites (such as the San Lorenzo movies on youtube). This activity called "retargeting", is based on the activities of navigation and is designed to publicize the St. Lawrence as a user navigates to persuade him to book the St. Lawrence directly on the official website from which will then be directed to our booking software vertical booking
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2) If you want to remove or block cookies on your device at any time, you can update your browser settings (consult the "Help" menu of your browser to learn how to remove or block the cookie). The San Lorenzo is not responsible for the settings of your browser.
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In the top menu, select "All" to delete all content.
Select Clear browsing data.


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Icon in the upper right (dotted lines), click and select Preferences, then click Privacy and Security, then click Delete Browsing Data (choose whether to delete only the cookies or other)

For any questions about our Privacy or on how the San Lorenzo manages your personal information, please e-mail us at Back to top
Responsible Website Privacy: Massimo Bizzarro.
Responsible for the privacy of the hotel: Camillo Iacono.
Information email privacy:


Or write to: Hotel San Lorenzo Srl - Via Rosario 1 - 80076 Lacco Ameno, Ischia Island, (NA) Italy - 80076

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