Albergo Terme San Lorenzo Ischia

The San Lorenzo: Spa and Pools for wellness of body and mind.

The Albergo Terme San Lorenzo is located at 55 meters above sea level, on the western slope that leads from Lacco Ameno in Forio d'Ischia is 800 m from the center of Lacco Ameno, and is about a 7-minute walk from the Bay of San Montano. The property boasts wonderful views, overlooking both the town of Lacco Ameno, both to the beautiful beach of San Montano, while behind him dominates the scenery the roads of the island.

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The San Lorenzo: SPA and Pools.

The San Lorenzo houses inside the eponymous spa "Antique Stoves San Lorenzo", built in 1580 to take full advantage of the healing powers of the fumaroles. Here the most practiced of Stoves' Island, located in the heart of the hill of pumice and lava fragments that take note of the name "San Lorenzo stoves." Between the garden and flounces a small park with pools, spa and fresh (four outdoor pools, two indoor), a rooftop restaurant overlooking the view of the entire waterfront of Lacco Ameno to the enchanting bay of San Montano , renowned for its authentic cuisine. Free parking and free shuttle service, complete the main services available to customers.


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Albergo Terme San Lorenzo